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Pay-As-You-Go Solution & Off-Grid Solar Solution

Why Micergy Pay-As-You-Go?

Micergy support PAYG companies by supplying high quality, user-friendly and tamper-resistant product to decrease the default rate and aftersales cost.

Capital. Quality. Service.

The way to the successful running of Pay-As-You-Go companies.

To run a PAYG company well, there are three essential part need to be considered, Capital, Quality and Service, the capital will decide how big your PAYG company can do, the quality and service will decide how far your PAYG company can go.
Micergy support PAYG companies by supplying high quality, user-friendly and tamper-resistant product to decrease the default rate and aftersales cost. After years of development, Micergy Pay-As-You-Go Solution has been successfully applied in Solar Home System, Clean Cooking Stove and Mini-Grid, more PAYG-enabled solution is coming.


Problem: Easy to Tamper

No anti-tampering measures on the product, this result in some end-users can do the product reverse engineer easily or open the control box to use the battery directly, and don’t pay the product any more.

MICERGY PAYG Solution - Tamper-resistant control unit
  • High-class industry design with no screw exposed
  • Anti-tampering screws, professional tools required
  • Iron box to protect the battery from being opened*
  • MCU program will self-destruct if violently opened

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Problem: Unfriendly Display Screen

No screen or unclear screen to show the device credit information and status, this result in the end-users forgot to pay on time. Product with no fault information can be shown, which creates an aftersales obstacle for the call center to detect the real problem that happened.

MICERGY PAYG Solution - 128*64 dot matrix LCD display with backlight
  • Battery level: 1% to 100%
  • Remaining credit days: >N Days
  • Remaining battery usage time: >N Hours
  • Device information

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Problem: Unfriendly Input Keypad

A separate keypad or remote control keypad with the physical button is easy to break, color fading or lost in the service life, and the remote keypad also needs to replace the battery often, which is not user-friendly when there is no screen to show the token input.

MICERGY PAYG Solution - 4 x 3 capacitive touch keypad with buzzer sound
  • Touch keypad with buzzer sound
  • High sensitivity, stability and reliability
  • User-friendly
  • Buzzer sound remind when the battery level is low

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Problem: Non-encrypted Accessories

For accessories like solar panel, LED lamp, radio and torch, since there is no encryption, so the end-users can use the solar panel for other purposes or easily be stolen. LED lamp, radio and torch can be powered/charged and used by other power sources without paying.

MICERGY PAYG Solution - Exclusive line of Micergy Original Accessories
  • Two-way software authentication
  • Solar Panel*
  • LED Lamp, LED Torch, FM Radio
  • LED TV*

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Problem: No Battery Protection

Radio and torch with detachable battery, which allows the end-users can replace the battery by themselves easily and make aftersales service more complicated. The end-users can use the BL-5C radio battery to power their feature phone and enjoy the assets of PAYG companies without paying. Besides, for solar home system control unit, if the battery without any protection, the end-user can easily tamper the product use the power directly from the battery.

MICERGY PAYG Solution - Hardware & Software Protection
  • Encrypted LED Torch with non-detachable battery
  • Encrypted FM Radio with non-detachable battery
  • SHS battery pardware prtection with iron box*
  • SHS battery software prtection with BMS*

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(Lighting Global Certified)

Entry-level PAYG SHS with 4*LED Dimmable Lamp, LED Torch and FM Radio


Powerlink Series - MP1

PAYG SHS, Entry-Level


Middle-level PAYG SHS can power dimmable LED Lamp, LED Torch, FM Radio, DC LED TV and DC Fan

Powerlink Series - MPX

PAYG SHS, TV Package

(Lighting Global Certified)

High-level PAYG SHS for both DC and AC Scenario


Powerlink Series - MP2

PAYG SHS, Freezer Package


Innovative Paygo SHS with built-in Bluetooth speaker and can work as TV sound system

UDU Series - UD10

PAYG SHS, TV Sound System


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